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Refurbia Ltd offer a range of data erasure and data destruction solutions that are fully documented and certified to meet each client’s requirements.

We help businesses to manage their data exposure risk through our range of services covering mobile phones, laptops, PCs, servers and printers.


Utilising industry leading software that meets all government standards, we provide certified evidence for every data removal carried out, for both audit and GDPR legislation compliance.

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Data Erasure 

Eradicates data completely from your device and allows products to be reused. (resale/redeployment)

hard drive degauss.jpg

Hard Drive Destruction

Degaussing destroys any magnetic media.

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Using the industry leading disk destruction device, ensuring no data retrieval is possible

Data sat on end of life or surplus devices is at risk of exposure, and a simple factory reset will no longer suffice.


Refurbia are the trusted partner of many businesses, schools, charities and public sector bodies throughout the UK for forensic data removal, IT asset management and WEEE recycling. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can support your business.